Sample of Faces

Sample of faces

"Water Lilies"

"Water Lilies"  by Patrick Howe     48" x 60"       Oil on Canvas
Commissioned by Providence Medical Center, Everette, WA

"Mother and Child"

"Mother and Child" by Patrick Howe  Oil on canvas
Collector Dennis had me paint this scene from an old faded photo. It was a Christmas gift to the boy in the picture who is now a man.


This collector had me paint her kitten on 8" x 10" board.

"Fremont Bistro"

"Fremont Bistro" by Patrick Howe
22" x 48"    Oil on canvas

This private collector commissioned a larger version of one of my existing paintings.


"Divinity"       by Patrick Howe      24" x 48"      Oil on board
Art Collectors Geri and Harvey commissioned a painting of their daughter riding her horse through the woods. 

"Sumac Leaves"

For: Providence Medical Center, Everett, WA

"Sumac Leaves"   by Patrick Howe
 Oil on Canvas    4 panels totaling 3 ft X 12 ft

Portrait of "Dj"

Original oil, 12" x 16", a mother wanted a painting of her son.

"Lysne's Night Out"

Lysne happened into my gallery one evening, and while we were talking I snapped a photo of her, which became this painting.

"Venice Morning"

Original oil, 28" x 40", this out-of-state client requested a horizontal Venice scene. She sent me the fabric samples shown above. The key to really good custom interior art is to use the interior designer's palette in the art, but also include complimenting colors. That way it will 'pop' a little, and not blend into the environment in a bland, homogenous way.

"Pears" (Triptych)

Each painting is 3ft X 4 ft. The clients and I worked very carefully to achieve perfect color relationships.

"Caffe" (Triptych)

This large, three panel oil painting of an Italian bakery window, was commissioned to grace the dining room of my client's beautiful remodeled home. Click to enlarge.

A Wedding Gift

Original oil, 18" x 24", a man's fiance sold the beloved house she grew up in (top right) to move to Seattle to live with him. He surprised and delighted her with this custom painting of her childhood home. Click to enlarge.

"Venice Shadows"

Original oil, 3ft X 6 ft, this couple celebrated their new home by commissioning this painting.

Seattle Skyline

Original oil, 2 ft. X 7ft., of downtown Seattle viewed from West Seattle. Click to enlarge.

"Dark Forest"

Original oil, 18" x 18", this client described very carefully what she wanted. Lots of trees and just a sliver of light. Click to enlarge.


Original oil, 12" x 16", this couple commemorated their sailing trip around the world with this painting.


Original oil, 16" x 20", this cloud scene contains six hidden corgis. The client was crazy about her corgis.

Pet Painting

Original oil, 5" x 7". Customer supplied photo, top left. Finished painting, right.

Pet Painting "Roxy"

Original oil, 5" x 7". Customer supplied photo at left, finished paintiing at right.